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Lambert Forest Products, LLC is located in North Central Monroe County and was established in 1994 by Troy Lambert. We purchase all forms of standing timber and provide timber management throughout Wisconsin. We market our wood products effectively, resulting in the best possible outcome for our landowners. Our company has received Master Logger Certification from the state of Wisconsin for our standard of performance. We are extremely proud of our status and strive to maintain this high standard of excellence. We oversee each aspect of your project directly: tree selection, road construction, permitting, insuring the landowner against liability, sale of your timber and clean-up. We have  trained and certified foresters, operations crews and a grinding crew who work together ensuring quality harvests are performed on the properties we manage. In addition, we offer on-site grinding and removal of logging slash and residues (tree-tops, limbs and brush). The end result is a more aesthetically pleasing woodlot that is easier to navigate, restores the ecosystem, improves wildlife habitat and reduces the risk of wildfire.

What is a Master Logger Certification? It is a third-party certification system and constitutes the highest professional achievement a logging contractor can attain in Wisconsin or Michigan.

To become a Certified Master Logger, operations must conform to a strict code of conduct encompassing seven areas of responsibility and must successfully complete a rigorous field and business practices audit.

Once an individual becomes a Master Logger©, they must be prepared to meet the same verification standards on their work. This is done through bi-annual re-certification and a complaint system that can trigger a re-visit from field verifiers. The purpose of this program is not just to hold loggers to a higher standard, but to provide a gold standard that is recognizable by forest landowners and mills. To date, 24 Master Loggers have been certified, with more groups to follow.

Why is Certification Needed?
Why is certification needed for any profession? To give clients, customers, or the general public assurances that the person performing the job has the education, training, skill, and experience to do the job correctly. Many loggers already meet all the standards and criteria of the MLC© program. The problem is they don’t have a formal way to prove it. Other loggers can easily meet the requirements with slight modifications to their operations. And some loggers will either not be able to meet the standards, or won’t care to.

Nationally, The American Logging Council has developed seven areas of responsibility to become certified as a Master Logger.  Every logger wishing to become certified must meet or exceed strict performance standards in each of the following areas.


  1. Water quality and soils protection
  2. Compliance with government regulations
  3. Compliance with acceptable silviculture and utilization standards
  4. Participation in an on-going training regimen
  5. Implementation of aesthetic management techniques
  6. Adherence to a site-specific management plan that is agreed to by the landowner
  7. Utilization of sound business management principles

Please be advised that some of our services are fee based. Calls for estimates are free and encouraged.