Lambert Forest Products – Cost Sharing Programs

Cost Sharing Programs are generally state or federally funded programs that allow for partial reimbursement when you are trying to encourage a condition that will be consistent with State or Federal program goals. Examples of these conditions could be stream restoration, or tree planting. To be eligible for cost sharing there is always a plan devised and followed such as a stewardship plan. There are many cost sharing programs available to you. Some last for only a few years until funds run out and others may last for many years. The Wisconsin DNR sponsors one such program for forest landowners. It is called the WFLGP program. You can find more information about it in their website at: The Natural Resource Conservation Service or NRCS also sponsors several programs such as EQIP, CRP, and a new one called CSP. It is worth checking it out at: If permanent suits your style you can find information and courses on Conservation Easements at:

Our Foresters would be happy to answer any questions you may have and facilitate your entry in to one of these programs.