Lambert Forest Products – References

“We want to Thank You!  Lambert Forest Products crew did an amazing job on cutting, harvesting, scaling and hauling our pine plantation and oak woodlands.  The cleanup, treatment of cut stumps, restoration of roads were well done!
We were so very impressed! (The oak stand is on very hilly ground – No easy task!!!)
We would highly recommend Lambert to anyone needing your service.  We would not hesitate!
Thanks Again.”

Kris & Gary Jack

Waushara County, Mt. Morris

“Lambert Forest Products is one of the best logging operations I have been associated with. The crews take extra measures to make sure the logging jobs are done right, and it is evident that the entire organization takes great pride in their work.”

Joe Kies

Domtar Industries

“I would highly recommend Lambert Forest Products to other landowners who are looking for a partner in professional management of their woods. The staff was courteous and professional, the bidding is competitive and the work was done in a timely manner. There was minimal damage to surrounding trees, very little waste and the trails were graded and seeded after the harvest to take care of any ruts.”

Ron and Mary Carney

For additional references, in closer proximity to your area, please contact one of our foresters.

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